Does the treatment Narrowed, derived from Chinese medicine, can be effective to recover after a stroke? Can be prescribed by a neurologist or is it only sold online? It seems expensive?



(Mrs. Bousser): a French company based in Singapore markets on the Internet indeed a product of traditional Chinese medicine that would improve both the recovery after a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage. There has been no study of effectiveness according to international standards so far comparing the effects of this substance to placebo, but one study (CHIMES) is in progress on 1,000 patients in Asia. The result will be available in a year. It is advisable to wait for these results.

Tolerance seems very good. Test data on experimental animal models of cerebral infarction and in cultured neurons by an advanced French researcher suggest that this substance would be effective. It has phased out some of the fourteen ingredients to keep only some, of vegetable origin; a similar efficiency was observed. He is wondering whether this treatment could also have an impact on degenerative diseases of neurons.
This product marketed on the Internet as a "dietary supplement" is indeed expensive.

Given the point where we are, it is recommended to wait for scientific conclusions. But everyone can make a choice and the effectiveness of this traditional treatment seems at least as convincing as the ads from the pharmaceutical industry for several decades, after very expensive studies.

Date: March 2012

CADASIL General Meeting (www.CADASIL.com)


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