A researcher has demonstrated that blood factor is very effective in increasing vascularization of the brain?


(Prof. Chabriat) "For statins, there is no contraindication and they can be used if you have high cholesterol. There is also no contraindication to general anesthesia. The only recommendation is control of blood pressure during anesthesia. CADASIL patients can show their medical warning card to treating physicians (these cards are available from the Lariboisiere Hospital CERVCO department or the Association). This document explains that small vessels which provide perfusion in the brain are fragile. Blood irrigation may therefore be poor, and more attention needs to be paid to blood pressure. This is a precautionary measure which is well known to anesthesiologists but it needs to be monitored more closely for patients having CADASIL. Some drugs are discouraged, especially those that contract the vessels. For example, some anti-migraine medications such as Triptans are vaso-constrictors. Therefore, as a matter of principle, since the blood circulation is somewhat precarious, we try to protect the patient and avoid these drugs. Similar case also for nasal drops which contain vaso-constrictors.

CADASIL FRANCE Annual General Meeting - April 2017


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