"I have hearing loss problems that have been getting worse in the last two years. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship with CADASIL? "


"We haven’t been able to set up a systematic study of hearing loss. However, there is a clear relationship between small vessels diseases and deafness, often sudden. It is not progressive. It is probably due to a small vascular malfunction of the auditory nerve, but we have not yet the proof. Some patients experienced sudden, but never complete hearing loss. The ORL team (Otorhinolaryngology or ENT- Ear, Nose and Throat) recommends a hearing device early on. If you already have difficulties in paying attention, and in addition, you suffer a hearing loss, it will require more efforts to hear and therefore will increase your fatigue. It is thus better to carry a hearing device to be more aware and active. So, do not hesitate to request a medical consultation for it ".

CADASIL FRANCE Annual General Meeting 29th April 2017


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