"Could the feeling of pain be measured in the patient? In particular, how can we assess pain by a patient who can no longer speak? "


(Prof. Chabriat) "This is a very difficult question. In the hospital, we usually see patients with extremely severe neurological disorders who are unable to communicate. Those who are most familiar with the pain and suffering of patients are caregivers working closely with them. Usually, pain is visible on facial expression, via detection of a grin. It could be a theme for research. The patient may be indifferent but this does not mean that he/she is suffering or not. There is the physical pain that can be detected but the psychic pain is very difficult to evaluate in these situations. Most often, close family members who know the patient best, can perceive if he/she feels pain or not. As neurologists, we do not have a specific tool. It is the caregivers who bring the best appreciation of the pain.”
CADASIL FRANCE Annual General Meeting - April 2017


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