Has the research path about the impact on how Statin drug improves the health of CADASIL patients been explored? Can you confirm? What is the mechanism?


For a CADASIL person without high cholesterol condition, should he/she consider taking this drug (statin) whose effects are sometimes far from being trivial?  Physicians are they more with Kadegic, Plavix?
Professor Chabriat indicated the effect of statins actually is not being explored.  There is no specific study on the importance of these drugs on CADASIL.  This treatment is prescribed if besides CADASIL, there is an important high cholesterol condition (hypercholesterolemia) or if the patient suffers from a disease such as atherosclerosis.  Otherwise, there is no argument towards prescribing statins (which lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease).

Professor Bousser indicated that a study was conducted on patients who had cerebral infarction while showing normal cholesterol level:  20% risk of recurrent stroke and myocardial infarction is then observed.  Overall, even without high cholesterol, statins reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  However, there is no study on CADASIL


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