"What is cognitive rehabilitation? Would it work in the recovery in the aftermath of a stroke or delay some symptoms? Who is prescribing and practicing it?



(Pr. Chabriat) The disease is covered in detail on the websites of CERVCO and CADASIL France. Generally, the first symptoms may be migraine fits with aura. They may appear among 40 to 50% of patients. The severity of the disease is related to the occurrence of successive strokes. These small infarcts will cause various deficit disorders.

Their recurrence gradually leads to disabilities such as loss of balance, walking disorders, etc. and retardation. There is a great variability from person to person as regards to symptoms, age when disorders start to appear and evolution of the disease.

There is no particular thermal health cure that can be recommended. But complementary care including kinesiotherapy, stimulation, proper diet, etc., can be beneficial if it is properly suited to the patient’s health and fatigue level. (General Assembly, France 2016)






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