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What tests are performed to confirm CADASIL?
Testing Labs

Same family testing results and MRI’s.
Results of a father and daughter genetic tests:
Fathers Blood Test Results 
Daughters Blood Test Results (Age 27 years old)

Fathers skins biopsy report:
Skin Biopsy Results 

Fathers MRI Reports
MRI 2011
MRI 2000
MRI 1996

Other Patients Medical Reports 
 38 year old Symptomatic Patient

Autopsy Reports from two different males
Autopsy report of a 64 year old man (2012)
Autopsy report of a 66 year old man (2004)
Other Blood Test Results Comparison 

Non-Profit Registry Data
Non-Profit Data Registry Data - 2005 - 2015
Non-Profit Data Registry Data - 1997 - 2012
CADASIL Together We Have Hope Registry Data Presentation at the CADASIL Conference 2010 

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International Workshop: CADASIL 20 years later, what next?
This page has presentations which includes videos and slides from the medical experts of CADASIL.

French National Authority for Health (HAS), June 2011 - List of services for a long-term condition

CADASIL National Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for a rare disease

Thank you to CERVCO located in Paris, France for giving the non-profit permission to link to this detailed information

May 2007 - Marie Germaine Bousser from Paris France CADASIL Group presented at Shreveport, Louisiana. Thank you to Don Nelson and the CADASIL Foundation of America for funding Paris, France in their research.

2005 Presentation Gregory Pastores at ULF conference. 

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