2010 CADASIL Together We Have Hope and ULF Scientific Symposium

Held on July 30st, 2010 at  Kishwaukee Health Systems, DeKalb, Illinois

A review of the Symposium from the non-profit's Director.

Outline of Symposium      

Announcements:  Paula Brazeal, President, ULF, William B. Rizzo, Chairman, ULF Medical & Scientific Advisory Board, Swati Sathe, M.D., M.S Due to confidentiality, summarizations from presenters may not be available.


Phenotypic Spectrum: Dominique Herve, M.D.
(Hospital Lariboisiere, Paris, France)

Cognitive Profile in CADASIL Viswanathan Anand, M.D., Ph.D.
(Harvard Medical School, Boston MA)

Atypical Phenotype and Diagnostic Challenges in CADASIL, Swati Sathe, M.D., M.S. (NYU School of Medicine, New York)

Epidemiology of CADASIL, Professor Arndt Rolfs, M.D. (University of Rostock, Rostock Germany)

Imaging Correlates of Vascular Cognitive Impairment: Findings in CADASIL Marco Duering, M.D.(Research University of Munich, Muenchen, Germany) 


Stroke Mechanisms in Fabry Disease - A Single Gene Model of Vasculopathy Raphael Schiffmann, M.D. (Baylor University Dallas, Texas) 

Single Gene Contributions to Migraine Signaling Among Diverse Phenotypes Kathyn Gardner, M.D.
(University of Pittsburgh, PA) 

Arteriolosclerotic Vascular Cognitive Impairment; Vascular Risk Factors & Microvascular Disease in Later Life. David Knopman, M.D.  (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN) 


Dissecting CADASIL Mechanisms using Mouse Models - Anne Joutel, M.D (INSERM, Paris, France) 

Notch Signaling and Vasculature, Luisa Iuela Arispe, (ULCA, Los Angeles, CA) 

Functional Analysis of Notch3 Protein Interactions, Michael Wang, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Michigan, MI) 

Single - Particle Characterization of Notch3 - Aggregation
Marco Duering, M.D (Research University of Munich, Muenchen, Germany)

Cerebrovascular dysfunction and microcirculation rarefaction precede white matter lesions in a mouse genetic model of cerebral ischemic small vessel disease This article was published this year and was presented in detailed by the author, Anne Joutel, M.D, from Paris France, http://www.jci.org/articles/view/39733.   


Current Recommendations for Care of Patients with CADASIL and Their Family; Our Experience Dominique Herve, M.D. Hospital Lariboisiere, Paris, France) 

Counseling Asymptomatic CADASIL carriers in France: Six Years experience multidisciplinary Approach Mrs. Sonia Reyes, Psychologist (Hospital Lariboisiere, Paris, France) 

Pharmacologic Management of Mood and Behavioral Changes in Dementia James Galvin, M.D. (NYU School of Medicine, New York)

Appreciation and thanks to Dr. Sathe from NYU, Chairperson for this conference, the presenters who came from all over the world, and the medical community.