Volunteer Opportunities

Please remember we are a volunteer non-profit, have no paid staff, and
run solely on donations.

CADASIL Together We Hope needs the time and talent of volunteers to
help us create a world where CADASIL is a well known like other diseases.
Whatever your capabilities and interests are, we can find a volunteer
opportunity that's right for you.

 The key to our success rests in people like you, who embody the
spirit of greatness by saying, "Yes I can, and so can you!"

aluable is the work you do.
utstanding is how you always come through.
oyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
nited in our efforts together,
otable are the contributions you make.
rustworthy in every project you take.
ager to reach your every goal.
ffective in the way you fulfill your role.
eady with a smile like a shining star,
pecial and wonderful—that’s what you are.

To volunteer: Please send us your story on how you found out
you had CADASIL.  Sharing your own experiences often
helps others!
  You do not need to include your name. 

Please contact us via e-mail or phone if you wish to
write your story (we don't use last name) volunteer, or
e-mail: info@cadasilfoundation.org and we will be glad to send you information.

In addition, your financial support is always appreciated